The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has significant advantages over other jurisdictions for our clients, as it provides an excellent environment for the administration of international business structures, with legally supervised service providers such as B.A. Trust Group’s entities.

One of the most interesting aspects about Luxembourg as a location is that it conjugates flexibility and an international thinking approach. This worldwide business platform evolves in a EU-conform environment.
Thanks to our internationally oriented and highly qualified professionals, our companies can help you set up and manage the most appropriate corporate entity in Luxembourg.

Political, social and economic stability, the modern legal and regulatory framework and the tax environment have made Luxembourg a leading jurisdiction for corporate holdings, investment funds (a.o. SIF, SICAR) and family wealth management companies over the last few decades.

The continuously growing financial sector, new sectors like Intelligent communication technology and logistics prove that the government does its utmost to maintain and even increase the attractiveness for those who do business in Luxembourg. The main strengths of Luxembourg are, on the side favorable rules with a long-term planning security, and on the other side a unique people network, connected to the whole world. The highly skilled, multi-lingual workforce constitutes a valuable resource for corporate functions, including finance and accounting.

Below are listed the most important Luxembourg corporate entities and the areas of their use :